Natural look is all about the colors you choose
Tips for your makeup desire:
Start with a clean and moisturized face.
Mineral makeup is great for a natural look and is easy to apply with a brush,
Find the right texture for your natural look Mix your favorite liquid or cream base makeup
with a tap of skin cream or moisturizer for a lighter texture.
Use concealer for coverage
And hide imperfections without adding any color,
Your concealer should be one shade lighter than your basis or tinted.
Wherever you have a spot to cover carefully blend it in with the rest of your skin
using a makeup sponge.
For the most natural look
Use a tinted glass moisturizer after your concealed and gently blend with a makeup
sponge under your jaw line. If you want to use a basis for additional coverage,
use a thin layer and carefully blend it under your jaw line.
For a more natural look Use quality face makeup brushes
Use the right brush for the right cosmetic,
Such as a big soft round brush for blusher, a flat brush for eye shadow,
and a fine tipped brush for eyeliner.
You want to look as you have no makeup on
Pale colors are great for creating a natural look with makeup
Select blush, eye shadow, and lipstick colors that are right for your skin tone,
light pinks are good choices.
Always check makeup that is natural light.
Use quality face makeup brushes for a more natural look, and have the right brush for the
right cosmetic, such as a big soft round brush for blusher, an flat brush for eye shadow,
and a fine tipped brush for eyeliner.
Blending is the secret for using blush
Choose a cream formula applied with a makeup brush. Both are easy to work with.
Apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend down. In summer months,
you can use bronzer to add more color to your face.
For eye makeup, stick to neutral tones for the most natural look, skip the eyeliner.
If you do use it, choose a brown or gray color rather than black.
Go light on your lips. “Select nude or utter pink shades that heighten your natural lip color,
and give up any lip liner.
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