If you wake up in the morning tired,
Filling like someone was chasing you in your dream.
Or were you naked in a public place-you’re not alone.
Many dream they are in a public place, among a lot of people, when they’re naked.
well clothes are actually symbolizes a defense mechanism
that keeps us from the outside.
Once we dream that we’re left without defense mechanisms,
we are ready Togo and show the world who we are.
Start with the good news:
The dream of the death of a close person symbolizes
a long and good life. Also according to psychological approaches.
Death in a dream means good news,
it symbolizes a new beginning.
Changes should come!!!
That sends us a message mining, it’s anew start in life such as personal or professional relationship.
Another interesting interpretation states that a death
of a close friend that he is very shy, implies that you
want to get rid of shyness also exists in you.
The most common dream is the one which you escape
from someone or something threatening.
In this case the experts claim that the dream
pointing out the fact that you avoid dealing with
a problem that bothers you and face it.
Getting lost
Many people report about dreams in which they are
stuck in a kind of maze.
Whether In a large field, or crowded city, or dense forest
In all it’s the same motif, that the inability to find a way out.
Dream interpretation is that the person is in a state
of inability to make the decision that will be good for him,
is expressed feeling of a trap, even in real life.
Erotic dream
You’ll be surprised to hear that erotic dreams
Not necessarily an indication of sexual desire,
This case indicates that you won’t to have
deep emotional intimacy.
hope you like it.

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