Got a hot date?
have you chosen the best dress in your wardrobe?
but hoooooooooo a glimpse in the mirror reveals that!!!
Around your eyes signs of fatigue from day work
And what abut the pimple on the center of our forehead.
There’s no way that you are going out looking like that
If so,
Only for you makeup tips for your perfect date night
All with an emphasis on the natural look,
with one goal!!!! To look at your best
The Make up steps for your hot date:
For turning fatigue and skin imperfections,
Take Skin color makeup and spread using a brush
or damp sponge makeup,
To hide the imperfections and to get consistent look use powder.
For Natural appearance and soft, use delicate
natural cream shading,
on the eyeball (from lashes to the eye socket) and
fade gently towards Eye brows,
white shading on the brows and in the inner angle
of the eye for little brightness,
Finally use pencil (black, grey or brown) close to
your Eyelashes, and for softeners use sponge brush.
Eyelash cycle:
If you don’t have one at home, so here’s a great
opportunity to acquire and experiment,
It looks intimidating, but it’s simple to use and the
results speak for themselves.
Your Lashes will appear wider and you will
get illusion of larger eyes.
Draw your lashes root to tip with black mascara.
Using your fingers, rub your cheeks with blusher cream
Start with a very small amount and gradually add
in order not create a stain.
If you’re skin color bright, peach colored will do,
If your skin color brown shades of pink and bronze
will do the job.
For Natural lips choose a gentle pink silhouette combines
with your makeup and mix with ballistic transparent
or vaseline and gently Pat on your lips
with your finger for natural appearance
God lake on your date tonight……………

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  1. Egypt

    July 4, 2016 at 5:00 am

    Mexican Chocolate Brownies and a Sotsrweutehn-style Super Bowl party! I am so there. I bet they would be outstanding on top of a big "bowl" of Mexican Fried Ice Cream! Although, homemade dulce de leche ice cream sounds pretty darn good too!Oh my, I'm so hungry right now! Thanks for sharing, Mary…


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