You probable find yourself dreaming how your
children will look like,
And how many kids you will have in our nest.
Well fantasies lead us to amazing places.
In the process we stopped taking pills,
Mutual consent of course as we prepare for the
next big thing in life,
But days pass, months flying and nothing happens.
We decide to go to the doctor, and amazingly we discover
that there is a problem with one of us.
“But how can it be we are so young, people!”
We are so disappointed from the situation
and it reflects on us and on our family.
all of a sudden pregnancy gets a different dimension,
The anticipation Changes in frustration and
our relationship shaking.
What shooed we do?.
You want to hug and kiss to reach out and say,
I’m here you’re here, we shall overcome, but we running the opposite, You don’t always know how to approach
and we keep distance.
My Dears
Relationships are built in understanding of one another,
listening to his/her needs.
That is main process in order to save our love.
A quote from Irwin d illum – from the book when Nietzsche wept,
I dream of love that do more than to people want to control
each other,
where two people share the desire to seek a higher truth,
It may not be love; it is possible that the real name of that
is friendship.
Think abut it !!!

One comment:

  1. Will

    July 4, 2016 at 5:29 am

    Ha ha! Sounds a lot like my husband! Is your hubby obsessed with checking the alarm clock a million times before going to bed too? Mine is and it drives me CR!ZA!!Y!


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