Winter can be hard on your hands — keep them at their best.
Winter wind and cold can inflict damage and make your hands look like weather combat
To help you white those effects, we assembled some tips.
Follow those advice’s and your hands will look in their best all winter long.
Manicure maintenance
Treatment for keeping hands looking at their best between manicures
1. Cut nails to the same length, simple but you often overlooked
2. Clean your nail tips and until they look really white:
Use lemon and rub it directly on the nails, or Soak them in freshly-squeezed
Lemon juice for a natural white
3. Finish by buffing with a smooth buffer to make your nails shine
1. Moisturize,
Moisturizer is crucial for hand care all year-round, but especially in the winter.
Aside from regular treatment, consider an intensive treatment.
Applying your favorite hand cream on your hands then put on
(Specialized hand treatment gloves) for 15 minutes,
2. Stay hydrated
Water!!! You need to drink water; Water will keep your body hydrated and
Counterbalance drying effect of indoor heating.
By drinking water throughout the day, you’ll help your skin stay moist.
3. Wear gloves
Gloves are the key for protecting our fragile skin hands
You should shield your hands from the elements of Cold-Weather.
5. Softer hands
Supplement your way to softer hands
Oils helped to significantly decrease roughness and scaling in the skin.
6. Swap harsh soap for something milder
Swap soap for gel and keep a bath and shower gel sink-side for hand washing,
Bath and shower gels are richer and can actually add moisture to dry hand.
Hope you have fun.

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